What I’m Reading

There are some great Christian bloggers and authors out there who inspire me to continue the journey toward unsullied holiness.  Check back, I’ll update this page regularly.


Ann Voskamp: A Holy Experience. Author of One Thousand Gifts, and a woman of interesting ideas.

David Shibley: Founder of Global Advance. My first pastor and one of those people whose words both challenge and encourage.

Father Searby: Warriors for the Working Day. A local priest in the greater DC area who posts great ways for any Christian to grow closer to Christ.


Transformation in Christ, by Dietrich von Hildebrand

A modern classic, this is a deep dive into the Christian attitude and the true path to holiness.  Over 500 pages and quite philosophical in tone, this isn’t a book that you read in a weekend.  It’s one you digest over time.  If you’re looking for a spot on exposition of the Beatitudes and what they mean to a modern era Christian, I highly recommend this book.

Anything by Josef Pieper

Pieper was a German philosopher with a bent toward St. Thomas Aquinas. Many of his works are modern translations of Thomistic concepts of virtue. I especially love:

The Spiritual Combat, by Lorenzo Scupoli

This books was written in 1589, so you have to keep that in mind, especially when he comments about women!  But I am in love with this book and its simplicity.  And it’s only $0.99 on Amazon!!


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