Jesus Among Us

Over the past week, I’ve heard Brandon Heath’s song “Jesus in Disguise” on the radio exactly twice. I don’t know any of the lyrics except the title line from the chorus. I’ve never paid attention to what the song was about. So why am I talking about it?

The two times that I’ve heard it were connected by prayer. Both times, I was in my car. Both times, I was praying – about the same topic. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’ve set out on a journey to live a life of unsullied holiness. So my prayers have been centered on how I can get more involved at church and less involved in things that distract me from God’s purpose.

In a place like DC, there are all kinds of groups and meet-ups. I’ve attended many meetings, events and socials trying to find a good group of like-minded individuals that are interested in a similar type of spiritual growth. Some groups are great, some are not so much. Some groups just don’t seem like a fit.

One such group was in my mind and on my heart because I suspected that even though it was a bit out of my element, I thought there might be something I could learn from it. So I added it to my prayer list. And that’s what I was praying about both times the “Jesus in Disguise” song came on the radio. I’m not one to look for signs from God or even to believe in them – until He hits me upside the head with one.

Through that one phrase on the radio, I reconsidered my attitude and hang ups about this group. I realized again that God does not fit in a box that I create. He is God. He can work through anyone. At any time. In any way He deems necessary. Even if I don’t agree or understand with every tenant of a person or group, that does not mean that God can’t use them in my life or me in theirs.

I also realized that it doesn’t just apply to church or Christian groups. I think of Matthew 25 when Jesus talked about what we do to the least of these we do to Him (verses 35-40). I can choose to let Jesus be my hands and feet. I can choose to let Him be my words. And I can look for Him in my interactions with others and in daily activities that I previously might not have thought about in a spiritual way.

I certainly feel that God is leading me to this particular group because it is a place where He can meet me, and maybe I’ll grow by learning to find Him in a place where I’m out of my comfort zone. Maybe I’ll learn something new about myself. Maybe I’ll find a deeper place in Him. I surely will not be disappointed in following Our Lord.

Where is He calling you to step out of your norm and into a new place with Him? To what strange land, near or far, is He beckoning you? Where can you find “Jesus in Disguise”?


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