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Daily Acts of Discipline – Speech

One of the more difficult acts of discipline for me is holding my tongue. The most difficult, is holding my tongue in my car. I’ve learned to temper my speech at work and in most social settings, but when I’m alone or with friends, it’s not so easy. And when I’m in my car, forget about it. When someone cuts me off in traffic or goes slower than I think they should, it’s so tempting to hurl a curse at them. I realize that in those situations they probably aren’t even aware, so it’s tempting to think that it’s not really hurting anyone. But wouldn’t it be better to send up a blessing or say nothing at all? And even if it doesn’t hurt them. It hurts me. If I cannot let the Holy Spirit guide my tongue in such a small thing, how can I expect my willful soul to submit in larger things?

My mom always told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all. There is true godly wisdom in that teaching. Today, I will strive to take it one step further and bless those who curse me, or even just those who irritate me.


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