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ABC’s of Surrender – Goals

G is for goals. Lord, today I surrender my goals to You. I have many aspirations and dreams for my future, but none compare to the hope of glory. Help me to keep my eyes on the true prize and not be swayed by the ambitions of the world. Make Your goals for me become the desire of my heart. I cannot fathom what is in store for those who put their hope in You. May I be counted among those who join Christ in His prayer of ultimate surrender: not my will, but Thy will be done.


ABC’s of Surrender

F is for failures. Lord, today I surrender my failures to You. Sometimes when I fall, I'm tempted to hold onto my guilt and punish myself for not measuring up. But I know that You have purchased my redemption with your own precious blood. Therefore, I will not let the enemy tempt me to despair even in my weakness. For it is in my weakness that You show yourself strong. So I surrender those failures and falls to You. By Your Holy Spirit help me to learn from my mistakes and not to repeat them. When I fall, help me to hear Your call to rise again and follow You.

ABCs of Surrender – Emotions

E is for emotions. Lord, today I surrender my emotions to You. You created us to be emotional beings, but not to be controlled by those emotions. You are my Rock, and the core of being finds strength and hope in You alone. While I may feel strongly and have deep emotional responses to the events and people around me, I will not be led by the leash of my emotions. Instead, I will remain grounded in Your truth. I will look to You, the Author and Finisher of my faith and a firm foundation. I will love when I don't feel like it, hope when things look bleak and pray with confidence knowing that I will not be moved as long as I cling to You.

ABC’s of Surrender: Desires

D is for desires. Lord, today I surrender my desires to you. I'm a human, there are many desires of my heart. Some are godly, some are not, some are neutral. I surrender all of them to You. I trust You. When things go my way. When they don't. I will trust in You. I let go of my desires and cling to Your will. Help me make my desires fall in line with Your desires for me.

ABC’s of Surrender: Cares

C is for cares. Lord, today I surrender my cares to you. I cast my cares upon You, because You care for me. I lay down my pride that tells me that I'm right. I lay down my pride that gets wounded. I cast these things at the foot of the cross. I cling to you, steadfast in the faith knowing that the same (and much greater) sufferings are experienced by my brothers and sisters around the world. Any care that exalts itself against Your wisdom, I cast out.

ABC’s of Surrender: Beliefs

B is for beliefs. Lord, today I surrender my beliefs to you. When my senses tell me that the sky is falling. When the news looks bleak. When I feel like hope is lost. I will put my hope and faith and belief in You. I will trust You and You alone. Not myself, not the news, not man. You. I surrender to Your Holy Spirit. Guide me into your perfect truth.

ABC’s of Surrender: Attitude

A is for attitude. Lord, today I surrender my attitude to You. Sometimes I am haughty and prideful. Sometimes I'm down in the dumps. And I let those feelings dictate my attitude. Today, I choose to focus on the gift of Christ and let that inform my attitude. I have been redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb. Without Him, I have noting, but with Him and in Him, I have everything. Today, I will act like it.


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