Those who pray for you

This post is a bit different (and later) than usual. But recent events have had me thinking about the power of prayer. You and I may be small people in the grand scheme of things, but we can never know the full impact of our prayers for others. You may be the only person offering prayers for your neighbor. And those prayers can be all the difference in someone's life.

I once heard a story about a preacher. I don't remember which one, but I do remember the basic story. This preacher was in the hospital for a surgical procedure and had a spiritual dream. In the dream, he went to heaven and ended up in a room of crowns. Jesus was there to choose the crown for the preacher. There were all kinds, from simple earthen creations to ornate diadems.

After a few moments The Lord settled on two crowns. One was rather simple, made of silver with no gems or special decoration. The other was a beautiful crown of gold that was delicately carved, and laden with diamonds and other precious jewels. Jesus asked the preacher which crown he thought belonged to him.

The preacher was very famous and had led countless souls to The Lord. So he was eying the crown of gold and gems.

Before he could answer, Jesus handed him the simple crown. Trying to hide his disappointment, he thanked his Lord. Knowing the preacher's heart, Jesus asked what troubled him.

The preacher said, “Lord, I have preached Your Gospel all over the world and led countless souls to You. I am grateful to be received into your glory, but I must know – to whom does that beautiful gold crown belong?”

Jesus answered, “It belongs to your grandmother, the woman who never stopped praying for you.”

Wow! Even as just a dream or modern parable, that is a powerful thought. Think of the people who prayed for Billy Graham, Saint John Paul II, Mother Theresa, you, me. Don't ever minimize the power of prayer, either yours or others for you. The Bible says that the prayers of a righteous man avail much. So pray, and don't hesitate to ask others to pray for you.

For my part, I'm thankful for the faithful prayers of my mom, Cortney, Marie and countless others who's prayers have had and continue to make all the difference in my life.


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